Why financial services companies choose one platform over another.
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Java and Microsoft’s .NET Framework continue in their nearly two decade battle for dominance in enterprise application development. Even as newer programming platforms, like Python or Ruby on Rails, enter the arena, these two old warhorses still hold fort throughout the industry.

This fact especially rings true in the relatively conservative financial sector. What follows is a high level overview of the plusses and minuses of Java and .NET. Leverage these insights to make a better informed decisions on your company’s choice for application development.

Both Java and .NET are Suitable for Enterprise Development

Earlier this century, Microsoft created the C# programming language and the .NET Framework largely as a response to Java. In fact, C# shares many similarities with Java as an object-oriented language. This makes it relatively easy for developers to move back and forth on projects using either.

Since they are both mature technologies with almost 20 years of business usage, both Java and .NET are appropriate for enterprise software development, including within the financial industry.

Considering the popularity of both, candidates with experience in Java and/or .NET remain plentiful. This is another point of consideration for companies looking to decide between the two for an application development project. Again, note the relative ease for developers moving between the two.  

Reasons Financial Companies Choose Java Over .NET (Or Vice Versa)

Its open source beginnings influence companies already with an investment in open source tech to consider Java more compatible with their philosophy compared to the proprietary nature of Microsoft and .NET. A related concept also applies to web applications, as most popular web servers are open source, for instance Apache.

Financial organizations with a significant interest in Microsoft technology – Azure for the Cloud, SharePoint for document management, and Office for business applications – simply find using Redmond’s tools makes more sense for application development. Synergies exist that make building applications to work with these products easier in .NET when compared to Java.

Ultimately, deciding between Java and .NET requires a detailed analysis of any financial company’s existing application portfolio, the experience level of its development team, and the overall direction of the corporate technology stack – both now and over the next decade. It’s obviously not a decision to be taken lightly!

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