How to Land a FinTech Job
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Technology innovations continue to disrupt the financial sector, creating opportunities for IT professionals interested in moving into FinTech.

By the end of this decade, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are expected to be commonplace. In fact, eCommerce will likely lose the “e” with online banking and digital shopping simply becoming the new normal. Considering the billions of dollars in investment, the FinTech space appears to be a lucrative one for tech pros looking to take their career to a higher level.

So let’s take a closer look at a few strategies for landing a job at this nexus of finance and technology.

Knowing the Right Technical Skills for FinTech

Artificial Intelligence and related offshoots like machine learning and deep learning are at the root of the FinTech revolution. AI powers customer service chatbots able to help shareholders manage their portfolios in a volatile stock market. Similar technologies even help execute trades!

Make the effort to learn about AI and machine learning. If you are unable to gain any experience using these emerging tech skills at your current job, consider earning a certification or two. Speak with others in your professional network about volunteer project opportunities where you are able to hone these new abilities.

Soft Skills and Business Acumen are a Must 

Financial companies at the leading-edge of FinTech want employees who boast the right mixture of technical skills and business acumen. All the knowledge of building machine learning models doesn’t matter if you don’t also understand their use in solving a business problem.

Additionally, soft skills also matter to these forward-looking companies. Strong communication abilities help when trying to explain complex AI concepts to business stakeholders. If you want to work at a FinTech startup, skills in marketing and product management help get you in the door.

Be sure to highlight any successes working on strongly collaborative teams previously in your career. Teamwork matters at large financial companies using DevOps and at new startups where you need to wear multiple hats.

Searching for a FinTech Position

Research the most innovative companies in the financial space, while taking note of where you think you’d make a good cultural fit. Deciding between a startup and an established company is likely. Cultivate your professional network adding new contacts working in this sector.

Finally, reach out to your tech recruiter for their valuable insights.

Are you looking to move your IT career forward?

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