Employee Burnout
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Ensuring their employees stay engaged, inspired, and productive remains the goal of nearly all technology managers. Staff burnout is a key factor negatively contributing to overall productivity.

Finding the means of keeping effort at its highest without the team becoming overworked and subsequently burnt out is vital. What follows are a few strategies aimed at making sure IT employee burnout stays at a minimum. Leverage these ideas and concepts to ensure your team gives its best effort no matter the situation. Expect improved morale and a higher productivity rate as a result.

Nearly 60 Percent of Tech Workers are Burnt Out

A recent study noted that almost 60 percent of the surveyed IT workers feel overworked and burnt out. This causes a myriad of problems for any tech organization. Lower productivity and a poor retention rate adversely impact companies, while higher stress levels and other health problems affect their individual employees.

Another survey of tech employees noted some of the leading causes of employee burnout. They include unfair compensation, too much overtime work, and high workloads. Research estimates place the healthcare costs of this problem at anywhere from $125 to $190 billion in the U.S. on an annual basis!

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Steps to Combat Employee Burnout at the Tech Workplace

Simply acknowledging there is a problem is the first step in reducing employee burnout. Some companies simply prefer to ignore the issue as they worry about meeting deadlines and other short-term goals. This ends up harming them over time, especially when concerning employee wellness and retention.

Fostering a welcoming culture plays an essential role in keeping burnout to a minimum. A strong communication policy centered on transparency, a collaborative spirit, and a focus on employee development all contribute to a positive culture. Simply working smarter instead of harder also matters.

Implement an employee wellness program aimed at improving both physical and mental health. This includes everything from a generous health insurance program to providing healthy snacks at the office. Encourage your employees to take meditation breaks to keep their minds sharp and their stress levels low.

Finally, allowing flexible schedules and the ability to telecommute lets you staff balance their personal and professional lives. In short, culture greatly matters when keeping employee burnout to a minimum.

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