Display your value when looking for an IT job.
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Even in a favorable environment for candidates searching for a new technology job, it helps to really stand out from the pack.

You need to clearly illustrate your technical acumen, professional experience, and soft skills on a résumé. Companies with a need for tech talent still fully vet any candidacy before the interviewing process begins. With an eye towards earning that coveted tech job offer, here are a few tips on how to best highlight your worth to a potential employer. Use these ideas for a great shot at the IT job of your dreams.

Understanding the Big Picture

Companies interested in you as a candidate want to know your positive impact if hired. So pepper your résumé with tangible details on the difference you made for previous employers. Make it a point to tie this information to each company’s goals and mission.

Understanding where your tech role fits within the “big picture” is very attractive to potential employers. So be prepared to speak in detail about your impact during an interview. Also, use the cover letter to go into extra detail regarding the professional experience section of your résumé.

Consider Acquiring a Technical Certification

Earning a technical certification or two makes it easier to find great work in the IT industry. Possessing certifications that match some of the tech skills detailed on your résumé is smart. Also consider earning one in a hot new technology you recently learned but don’t boast any experience, like information security or machine learning.

A strong desire to keep learning new skills is very valuable to technology companies.

Don’t be Afraid of Using Facts and Figures on Your Résumé

Including tangible details on a résumé highlighting your professional experience is important, as noted earlier. Don’t be shy about including numerical data to better explain the positive difference you made. This could be writing an algorithm to improve the response time of web application by 50 percent, or boasting about zero down time on the server farm you managed.

Adding these kinds of facts and figures simply makes for a more impactful résumé.

Work with a Tech Recruiter to Fine Tune Your Candidacy

A technology recruiter provides a great resource to ensure you display your true value as a candidate. Have them review your résumé and cover letter template to ensure they make the most impact.

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