Hiring Process Speed Matters Today
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A competitive market for technology talent requires your organization to execute a well-considered staffing plan. The speed of the company’s hiring process also affects its ability to hire great tech candidates.

Too many times, top candidates that would have been a great fit for a certain company explore multiple job openings simultaneously, and accept a job with another company who was faster to give them the offer. Let’s take a look at the reasons why an efficient staffing process matters when competing for the best candidates. We also offer a few strategies to make your company’s hiring efforts faster and more productive.

A Low Unemployment Rate Means it’s a Candidate-Driven Market

With the unemployment rate as low as it’s been in nearly two decades, the IT job market is currently one driven by candidates. In fact, job openings actually outnumber the number of qualified tech pros. In short, it’s getting tough to recruit new employees.

However, this hard data doesn’t appear to be making tech firms’ staffing processes any faster, as the average time to hire for IT roles stands at 51 days. A long recruiting effort actually makes it difficult for companies to onboard great talent. Instead of a well-considered choice, technology organizations get to pick from what’s left after the best candidates go elsewhere.

On average, the most qualified tech candidates are on the market for only one to two weeks. With a time-to-hire period of over seven weeks, it becomes obvious how a slow hiring process ultimately hampers a company’s staffing efforts. Simply put, tech recruiting needs to be faster.

Making Your Staffing Process Faster and More Efficient

Thankfully, there are a few easy steps for your organization to improve its staffing process. Crafting job descriptions that are accurate and clearly state the requirements of the open position helps attract more qualified candidates. Have the manager responsible for that role write the description.

Incentivize employee referrals to recruit a higher quality candidate that’s likely a better fit with your office culture. This approach is also a great way to find passive candidates without any other irons in the fire.

Finally, conduct fewer rounds of interviews: two at the most. An inordinately long interviewing process is one of the biggest factors slowing down any staffing process. Once an offer is finally made, chances are high your top candidate is already off the market.

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