Hiring IT Freelance Talent
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With the merging of finance and technology as a relatively new development in the IT world, perhaps your company suffers from a lack of talent in this area. In this situation, bringing on a freelancer on a temporary basis helps your organization quickly close a skills gap.

However, employing contract workers as part of your tech team requires a different approach. With an eye towards keeping your office culture copasetic, here are a few insights and ideas on hiring FinTech freelancers. Leverage these tips to take advantage of a great way to broaden your company’s talent pool.

FinTech Freelancers Provide Flexibility

Onboarding a freelancer or two experienced with FinTech gives your company a measure of staffing flexibility. When your team has a large number of projects on its plate, simply add a new team member or two, without the added costs of hiring a full-time employee. When the project ends, the freelancer simply moves on to their next gig, while your budget returns to normal.

In short, freelancers make it easier to right-size your project teams. This also gives you the opportunity to try out someone before potentially offering them a full-time position, if the freelancer is interested in a permanent role.

Close that FinTech Skills Gap

As we noted earlier, FinTech is still an emerging technology niche. As such, finding tech talent experienced in this area becomes difficult in the current competitive environment. Simply onboard an experienced freelancer to close any skills gap and enjoy a successful project.

Additionally, many top FinTech professionals prefer to work on a freelance basis. This gives you access to superior talent to help your permanent staff learn from the best. An outside perspective with fresh ideas also provides benefits to your organization.

Strategies for Finding FinTech Freelancers

Searching for freelance tech talent requires a fresh approach compared to the hiring process for a full-time employee. Reach out to your tech staffing agency partner, as they likely maintain a supply of interested freelancers with FinTech experience who make a good fit with your office culture.

Following this tactic lets you bring someone on as quickly as possible. Speed is of the essence when searching for freelance tech talent. Experienced FinTech professionals are currently in-demand, so strike quickly!

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