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When embarking on a search for a great technology job, a well-crafted résumé is a must.

Posting it online helps attract companies even when you aren’t actively looking for a new position. It serves to highlight your tech skills and relevant professional experience while illustrating the positive impact you’d make for any employer.

A great résumé is concise, easy to read, and quickly provides a hiring manager with insight into you as a tech professional. With a top notch résumé in mind, here are a few tips and tricks on how to write the best CV possible.

A Concise Listing of Your Technology Skills

Include a section on your résumé highlighting your current technical skills. Use bullet points to make them easier to read. A hiring manager needs to be able to see at a glance what you bring to the table when it comes to your IT skill set.

When considering the fact many recruiters use online searches on the Web, LinkedIn, and other social media networks to find candidates, use the hottest tech skill keywords. You likely gain bonus points for experience with Python, machine learning, and information security. When combined with an easy-to-scan résumé layout, your chances of being recruited just went up!

Highlight the Tangible Difference You Made Throughout Your Career

The professional history section of your résumé lets you go into detail on the positive difference you made for previous employers. However, don’t include too much information, as brevity is still important. Remember, a hiring manager typically reviews many candidates for an open position.

Facts and figures are vital when detailing your work history. If your new algorithm made a web application 50 percent faster, highlight that fact. Once again, use bullet points and numerical data to make this information easy to read.

Action verbs are also part of this puzzle. Use a simple formula with a verb, a mathematical figure describing the impact, and a baseline used for comparison. Using the example from the previous paragraph:

  • Made a web application 50 percent faster than before by using a new algorithm written in Python

This also manages to include a keyword for one of the most popular programming languages in the current market.

Additionally, work with your recruiter to ensure your résumé meets the grade when it comes to attracting the top IT organizations in the industry.

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