Navigating the 2019 IT Job Market
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Even with a strong economy providing copious opportunities for tech pros, the smart candidate still needs a few well-honed strategies for a successful job search.

A well-crafted résumé, personalized cover letter, and strong interviewing techniques all matter, but the process goes more smoothly when you have a plan. After all, you don’t want to waste your time interviewing with the wrong company. With a great new IT position in mind, here is some advice on how to successfully navigate the current tech job market. Leverage these ideas to find a position with a top company sporting a great culture.

5 Strategies for Navigating the 2019 IT Job Market

1. Highlight Your Soft Skills

Sure, today’s tech companies are interested in candidates who know machine learning and are experienced in cybersecurity. They also really need employees with a strong mix of soft skills combined with their technical chops. These include verbal and written communication, problem solving, flexibility, and being a team player.

2. Still Apply, Even If You Feel Underqualified

Remember, the current IT job market is one that’s candidate-driven. This means you need to apply for positions even if you feel underqualified. Make sure to highlight your skills that match those in the job ad, as well as the soft skills mentioned earlier.

3. Choose Companies That are Focused on Career Development

The best organizations hiring technical talent understand their employees want a career ladder to success. During an interview, frame a few questions around the company’s training program. Additionally, find out if they offer tuition reimbursement as a benefit. These are two good indicators on whether they value the career development of their employees.

4. Consider a Temporary Assignment

A recent report noted over 40 percent of the surveyed companies plan on hiring temporary employees in 2019 – a significant increase over the previous year. If you are open to taking on a contract assignment, this provides a great chance to gain experience and build your professional network. The company may even offer you a permanent contract!

5. Find an Organization With a Positive Office Culture

Studies show over 90 percent of all professionals try to balance their personal and work lives. Organizations with a positive culture care about this issue and offer extra perks, like flexible schedules and the ability to telecommute as a result. When researching potential employers, seek out organizations known for their culture, and ask a few questions on this topic when interviewing.

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