Professional Behavior Changes
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The current technology job market remains one that favors the candidate. In this environment, highlighted by low unemployment and a great demand for skilled tech professionals, companies are seeing a change in professional behavior among IT candidates.

The forward-looking organization needs to take this shift into account for the best shot at hiring great candidates. Let’s look more closely at how the strong economy is affecting companies looking for technology talent. Leverage these insights to keep your firm ahead of its competition when it comes to meeting its tech staffing needs.

Not Enough Emphasis on Developing Soft Skills

Sure, finding tech pros experienced in cybersecurity, machine learning, or mobile app development is important, but many newer positions in IT require a measure of soft skills. Unfortunately, companies are finding it difficult to source candidates with the right mix of technical acumen and other abilities like leadership or communication. This inability to meet a specific hiring need adds stress to HR teams across the industry.

Some organizations are actually instituting training programs focused on the development of soft skills. For example, if your company wants IT professionals with strong verbal communication skills, consider starting a Toastmasters chapter.

Traffic and Housing Get Worse

With more people entering the workforce across all industries, traffic and infrastructure in cities is getting worse. As employees encounter difficulty in commuting, they tend to become more distracted and stressful when in the office. Companies need to consider allowing more opportunities to work from home at least part of the week.

Speaking of homes, increased competition over housing is causing a large rise in the costs for purchasing homes as well as rental options. When combined with health insurance spending, many candidates now look at compensation as the most important factor when deciding whether to accept a job offer. Keep this in mind!

It Takes Longer to Hire Great Candidates

Low unemployment among tech professionals is obviously making it more difficult for companies looking to add talent. In fact, one recent study revealed a 40 percent increase in the time to hire someone after posting a job opening. This is leading to some candidates simply “ghosting” interview opportunities, i.e. not showing up.

Companies hoping to fight this trend need to go the extra mile to build a welcoming office culture with generous benefit packages and a robust career development program. This ensures you can hire the best candidates while retaining your top employees.

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