IT Careers in a Gig Economy
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As more professionals eschew full-time positions in favor of contract opportunities, some pundits devised a new moniker for this trend: the gig economy. Still, is it possible to foster a rewarding career hopping between a succession of short-term positions?

It’s ultimately an approach that works best for certain individuals who don’t like being in one place, professionally. Let’s take a closer look at the gig economy and its effect on the IT job market as a whole. Perhaps it gives you the opportunity take your career to a higher level in a way you never thought possible?

The Benefits of Technology Contract Work are Numerous

Short-term tech contracts offer a myriad of benefits to both IT professionals as well as employers. If you are looking for work, considering both temporary and permanent gigs simply increases the number of job opportunities available to you.

These temp positions also tend to be more lucrative than full-time work, especially if you possess experience in a certain in-demand tech skill, like cybersecurity or machine learning. You also are able to quickly add to your professional network. Remember, you do need to account for extra costs, such as liability insurance and self-employment tax, when building a career in the gig economy.

Companies also benefit from offering short-term employment opportunities. These include the ability to quickly close a skills gap, perhaps in cybersecurity or machine learning! Organizations also get the chance to “test drive” a temp worker before potentially offering them a full-time position.

Add a Gig to Your Current Position

Depending on your energy level and the current workload at your full-time employer, taking a short-term contract on the side provides an opportunity to learn a new skill or a different way of working, all while earning extra money. Find out if your company allows its employees to take on side gigs beforehand. You don’t want this extra work to detract from your main gig, after all.

Ultimately, using the gig economy to better plan your career path makes the most sense. Moving between short-term assignments provides a chance for lucrative earnings, especially when possessing an in-demand skill. Also consider working on a temp contract when between full-time positions. The additional flexibility is there; you just need to take full advantage of it.

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