Healthcare and Cloud Adoption
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Like many other business sectors, medical and healthcare organizations look to take advantage of Cloud-based services for a myriad of benefits.

These include increased business agility, improved information security, and more importantly – cost savings. So with all these bonuses, where does the adoption rate of the Cloud in the healthcare industry stand compared to other business sectors?

What follows is a high-level overview of Cloud adoption in the world of healthcare. How is the industry trying to take full advantage of this important technology, especially with the use of electronic medical records greatly increasing?

Where is the Healthcare Industry at in the Process of Adopting Cloud Tech?

The Healthcare Industry is a Leader in Cloud Adoption

A 2018 study from West Monroe Partners reveals the healthcare industry is one of the leaders when it comes to Cloud adoption. 35 percent of healthcare providers currently house at least 50 percent of their infrastructure and/or data with Cloud services. This compares to 31 percent of energy and utility companies and 18 percent of financial organizations.

The report commented on what comes next for the medical world and the Cloud: “In an industry that has tended to lag in technology adoption, the next step is to leverage the cloud for interoperability and care coordination. In other words, use the cloud to facilitate secure and efficient communication among patients, doctors, hospitals, and payers.”

How are Medical Companies Using the Cloud?

Another survey from last year notes 84 percent of healthcare companies store at least some sensitive data in the Cloud. The West Monroe Partners study mentioned data security as one reason for using Cloud-based storage for critical data. Additionally, nearly 25 percent of surveyed healthcare companies plan on moving their entire technical infrastructure to the Cloud within five years.

This parallels similar reasons businesses in all sectors leverage the Cloud: letting the experts handle IT functions while the business focuses on its core competencies. With electronic medical records now commonplace, information security becomes critical. Thus it stands to reason for healthcare organizations to use the Cloud instead of trying to hire its own cybersecurity and network professionals.

Still, data security remains a large risk according to the survey. 68 percent of respondents feel unauthorized access to data is a major worry, while 61 percent noted the same regarding malware infiltration.

Even so, with a strong adoption rate, the healthcare industry remains a great source of opportunities for tech professionals and companies providing Cloud-based services.

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