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The healthcare industry is currently undergoing a digital transformation as technology, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning, is making positive impacts in a myriad of ways.

This merging of technology and medicine is also creating copious opportunities for technology professionals. As tech organizations struggle to close the gender gap in IT, offering women a chance for a career in healthcare IT simply makes sense.

Here is a high level overview on how healthcare and IT provide a great opportunity to close the technology gender gap. If you are a female considering a high-tech career, here is a great chance for a meaningful professional life.

The Impact of IT on Healthcare

Healthcare relying on technology isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon, but the pace of change is on the increase. AI currently serves in a support role, helping doctors and other medical professionals make clinical decisions, especially when it comes to the treatment of chronic conditions. Improving patient outcomes remains the ultimate goal.

In fact, a recent survey by the medical industry group, HIMSS notes that 77 percent of the surveyed professionals already use AI as part of their clinical process. Nearly two-thirds feel AI and machine learning are already delivering value in specialty care, with a slightly smaller percentage noting the same benefit for telehealth.

Needless to say, the job opportunities for female tech pros with machine learning experience are numerous.

Closing the IT Gender Gap

The tech industry is becoming increasingly aware of its overall lack of diversity as well as a significant gender gap. They are taking steps to deal with the issue, but more still needs to happen. The stats bear this out, as a recent McKinsey & Company notes only 26 percent of the current computing workforce is made up of women, with only 11 percent serving in senior tech leadership roles.

Burgeoning opportunities for tech talent in healthcare IT provide a chance for women to enter a field focused on improving patient care. The same McKinsey survey reports the demand for technology professionals is predicted to increase by 90 percent over the next 15 years. This is a perfect storm of demand and opportunity, with a personal and financial rewarding career path available to female tech professionals.

Ultimately, you hold the power to close the healthcare IT gender gap.

Looking for a New Career Opportunity?

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