Employee Retention
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A continued strong economy with a low unemployment rate creates a competitive environment for talented technology candidates. This also places the onus on companies to retain their current employees.

After all, when considering the costs of onboarding and training employees, as well as recruiting new candidates, retention plays a big role in the success of any organization. Let’s take a closer look at what some companies are doing to keep employee morale at its highest. This results in improved productivity at the office, as well as keeping talented staff from looking elsewhere for opportunities.

Provide Employees a Career Ladder to Retain Their Services Over the Long Haul

Technology professionals, especially those who are beginning their careers, need to know their employer cares about their learning and development. In short, they want a career ladder that leads them to success until their day of retirement. If this isn’t available to them, they simply move on to another position that provides these benefits.

IT companies need to offer a robust training program that gives their staff an opportunity to learn about the latest technologies, as well as improving their current tech skills. Providing the chance to earn certifications is another must. This approach also benefits your company when bidding for work, as providing an employee skills inventory is usually part of the bid process.

Additionally, offering tuition reimbursement as a benefit truly shows employees the organization cares about their professional development. Require anyone who receives this benefit to agree to stay with the organization for a period of time. This tactic helps give your company’s retention rate an extra boost.

Other Steps to Improve Employee Retention

While focusing on employee development plays a large role in improving employee morale and the organization’s retention rate, other factors are also important. For instance, providing flexible scheduling and the ability to work from home are two perks very popular with tech workers of all ages. This approach helps them balance their personal and professional lives.

That balance also helps improve your employees’ health and well-being. Instituting a wellness program with meaningful advice on diet, exercise, and meditation also matters. Ultimately, all these approaches contribute to building a company culture able to hire and retain the best technology talent.

Looking to Retain Top Talent?

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