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The continued economic upswing and subsequent low unemployment rate created a candidates’ market in the IT staffing world. With demand at its highest – especially for tech pros with experience in AI, cybersecurity, and mobile development – the competition between firms searching for talent remains fierce.

Because of this cold, hard truth, candidates can be picky when choosing between suitors. Organizations hoping to hire talented and experienced technology professionals need to strike quickly when they find a great candidate. In short, an engaged and efficient staffing process is a must. Here are some ideas on how to achieve that goal.

A Lengthy Hiring Process Hurts Your Company

A candidate-driven tech job market places the onus directly on companies to speed up their hiring process. Consider the fact that the top tech pros on the market only expect to wait a week or two before receiving job offers. If your company’s staffing process typically lasts longer than two weeks, chances are good you’ll miss out on hiring the industry’s best and brightest.

Hiring quickly provides other benefits to tech companies. Once a top candidate is identified and interviewed, making a fast offer helps seal the deal before the competition enters the fray. When the latter happens, your organization ends up in a bidding war, with the ultimate result either making a higher offer or simply losing out on the candidate in question.

Additionally, a drawn-out hiring process siphons the efficiency of your company. Managers are tasked with rating the candidates found by HR, while subsequently interviewing the top choices. Speeding things up lets them return to more important tasks, like ensuring projects are running smoothly.

How to Make Technology Staffing More Efficient

Thankfully, there are a few easy steps to improve your company’s staffing process. First off, give your employees a generous bonus for referring excellent candidates you end up hiring. This approach helps source great talent without the extra effort of your normal process.

Reducing the number of interviews to a maximum of two also helps improve the efficiency of your hiring efforts. It also reduces the time your managers and senior technical personnel spend interviewing candidates. Using more phone interviews is another smart idea.

Finally, partner with an experienced technical staffing agency with a ready pool of qualified talent. Outsourcing in this manner helps you hire the best as quickly as possible.

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