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It’s a fiercely competitive business world out there, as technology companies strive to make an impact in a continually evolving marketplace.

Newer methodologies like Agile and DevOps are becoming widely used as organizations strive to supercharge team productivity, with some even reaching for the Holy Grail of continuous deployment. Still, beyond all those larger goals, simply boosting the work rate of your team provides significant benefits.

What follows are a few tips and insights for improving the productivity of your technology team. It’s amazing how much is accomplished by simply not wasting time!

Always Provide Clear and Detailed Communication

A recent study notes that two-thirds of workers lose up to an hour of time each day due to poor communication. Strong verbal and written communication skills are an essential part of any technology manager’s toolbox. When crafting specifications, a project plan, or any other communication, clarity and details remain absolutely vital.

Take extra care on this part of your managerial tasks. Even consider having a fellow manager read through any documents to ensure everything seems clear and nothing gets missed.

Stay Available for Your Team

Somewhat related to the last point, when managers aren’t available to their employees to answer questions or get clarification on an issue, the team tends to spin their wheels until getting a resolution. Make sure you are reachable by phone or text messaging to ensure issues are resolved as quickly as possible. This is great way to keep your team focused on their work.

Don’t Put Too Many Meetings on the Docket

Scheduling a large number of meetings is one way to siphon the productivity of your staff. However, if your company follows the Agile methodology, daily standups are obviously an important part of that process. Still, they tend to be more productive when compared to other types of meetings, as everyone gets to contribute and share opinions.

Ultimately, if a meeting is a necessary make sure it is short and to the point, while providing value to all attendees.

Let Your Team Work From Home

Telecommuting is a great way to boost the productivity level of your IT team. Your employees aren’t wasting time commuting to and from work, giving them additional time for their daily tasks. Of course, this approach requires a deft touch from managers to ensure everyone stays engaged and focused. Chatbots and other messaging tools like Slack are a help in this regard.

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