Job Opportunities in Healthcare 2019
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What’s Driving Growth?

Technology as a whole is a continually growing field, from 5G to smart devices to IoT, but nowhere is this growth more dramatic than in the medical device industry.

The availability of cutting edge technology combined with an aging population is increasing demand for the latest innovation, making this market a promising one for technology professionals. A recent study released by predicts that the global medical device market will reach $409.5 billion by 2023. Clearly, that growth will be reflected in new opportunities for technical professionals in this sector. There is room for hardware and software professionals as well as support staff in this growing field.

Newer medical technology is getting smaller, more complex and user-friendly. That makes opportunity for technical professionals virtually unlimited. Increasingly devices are allowing patients to manage their own health, so in-home devices and app-enabled technologies are in demand.

Where are the Opportunities?

There are even opportunities to embed smart medical devices in furniture which can reduce the need for lengthy and expensive hospital stays. As boomers need for care increases, their disposable income gives them options that allow them to age in place and remain as active as possible while monitoring any medical conditions.

Robotics is a sector that requires both hardware and software engineers experienced in creating devices that perform a variety of surgeries. This market is expected to grow to $7 billion by 2025.  This opens the market for programmers, systems testers, and a variety of engineering specialties including control, integration, clinical and electrical engineers.

Other promising career opportunities in the medical device industry include quality managers, quality engineers and project managers and well as regulatory affairs specialists, knowledgeable in navigating the ever-changing laws and regulations pertaining to medical devices including EU-MDR.

Looking for opportunities in the Med Device industry?

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