Think Like Employees to Retain Top Talent
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It’s a common experience most managers have dealt with: they find a great employee only to watch that person leave for their competition. What gives? And how can managers make it stop?

In some cases, the truth is a tough pill to swallow: management style may be to blame. When team leaders don’t set clear expectations for employees and provide rewards for high-quality work, top-performers will step out in search of someone who values them more.

Fortunately, there are steps managers can take to retain top talent and stay competitive.

Thinking Like an Employee: 4 Ways to Retain Top Performers

Follow these four steps to retain top employees and help your business grow:

1. Set Clear Goals

Employees need to know where they’re going if they are to get there. This starts with clear objectives. For best results, managers should begin as early as the hiring process: develop specific, meaningful job descriptions that help the right workers understand the tasks at hand and commit knowingly to the goals of the position.

This ensures everyone is on the same page and helps avoid issues caused by preventable miscommunications.

2. Incentivize Hard Work

Few people will work and work without getting anything in return. Because of this, it’s critical to incentivize hard work and incentivize it well.

When you make additional effort to acknowledge and appreciate an employee’s effort, positive outcomes, or achievements, you give them a reason to re-invest in you, accordingly. While paying a living salary is the first step, bonuses, monetary compensation, and benefits will help solidify the bond.

3. Provide Growth Opportunities

One of the most common reasons employees leave is to pursue growth opportunities elsewhere. Fortunately, providing the same opportunities within your company is one of the most effective ways to entice them to stay.

Instead of asking that your employees do the same job day after day for years, offer ways for your best workers to climb the corporate ladder and advance within your company. If you have an employee who seems bent on progress, ask them to describe their goals, and put together a plan to help them achieve those goals.

4. Promote Open Communication

There’s an age-old dynamic in the corporate workplace that goes like this: managers and CEOs are off-limits to employees. This, however, is dated and unfortunate. It will only push employees away and result in disenfranchised individuals who feel like they can’t talk to their bosses about their concerns or priorities. None of this, however, is good for business.

Instead, create an environment in which you encourage employees to come to you with their questions or concerns. This promotes an open dialogue between workers and leaders and builds the relationship needed to motivate workers to stay for years to come.

Better Employee Retention Starts Here

Employee retention is critical to the growth and upward mobility of a company. Fortunately, these four employee-focused tips can help companies grow and retain their top talent throughout. When searching for an experienced IT recruiter, look no further than the team at The CERES Group. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in New England, we know the companies looking for talented tech professionals. Connect with us soon!

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