Medical Device Strategy Quality or Compliance
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The medical device market continues to explode as the healthcare industry continues its digital transformation. The time is ripe for med device companies to take advantage of growth opportunities in sales.

At the same time, compliance is another important part of the equation with new regulations being introduced in the US and Europe. Ultimately, a choice needs to be made. Does your company focus its med device sales strategy on compliance or quality? Let’s look more closely at what approach works best for the modern med tech company.

Forging the Right Mindset for Medical Device Design

In the medical device industry, compliance with government regulations is simply an essential requirement of the business. There’s no getting around it. As such, your company’s engineers need to forge the right mindset for producing the products able to the meet the multifaceted needs of an expanding healthcare world.

Making compliance with regulatory considerations as the primary focus adds a measure of drudgery to the process. Your engineers are simply following regulations instead of first designing the best possible medical device. It’s a backwards approach.

On the other hand, focusing on quality first ensures that compliance with the regulatory aspects becomes second nature. It’s an attitude that needs to be present at the most granular level. If any part of a device design is subpar – no matter how small – it affects the overall quality of the unit.

A Similar Focus on Quality Works for Med Device Sales

Using a compliance mindset during the sales process is a strategy similar to working off a to-do list – or simply designing a device that merely meets a list of regulatory requirements. Once again, a quality first mindset works best. Instead, get your sales engineers to focus on how the company’s new device improves a patient’s overall quality of life.

This approach, when combined with a design and manufacturing process based on the same principles, offers better results in the long run. In addition to focusing on improved patient care, your sales engineers need to illustrate how your med device helps your healthcare industry clients achieve their own business goals. Since these goals are typically based on the patient, it’s a sales tactic sure to pay dividends for everyone involved.

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