Real Value of Software Developer 2019
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While certain programming languages rise and fall in popularity over the years, the business world always needs developers.

This fact holds true as much in 2019 as it did in 1999. The software causing a transformation in the modern economy requires talented professionals to turn smart ideas into reality.

So what is the real value of a software developer in the current business world? Here are a few ideas on the valuation of this important cog in the wheel of today’s economy. Use this information to better inform your next salary request or staffing plan.

Software Developers are More Valuable than Money

A recent study of business executives reveals a significant majority feel a lack of access to programmers is more damaging than a lack of capital. In short, software developers are now more valuable than money. When properly deployed, developers provide the potential to add over $3 trillion to the worldwide GDP over the next decade.

Needless to say, this remains a good time for tech professionals working as a software engineer. Demand remains high, with salaries increasing as the competition for talented developers continues. Make sure your skills remain fresh; learning popular languages like Python or Swift helps in this regard.

Businesses Continue to Squander Their Programming Talent

Even though executives understand the importance of hiring and retaining programmers, they still tend to squander this valuable resource. The same study highlighted above notes companies spend over $300 billion on an annual basis maintaining poorly-coded legacy systems. Instead, focusing on using this talent on more innovative work provides a better return over time.

Maximizing the Positive Impact of Programmers on Your Company

The current value of software developers requires executives to maximize their impact on the company’s bottom line. It’s important to compare the opportunity costs of innovative transformational projects compared against the expenses incurred maintaining outdated systems. Improving the organization’s ability to compete in today’s market is paramount.

Thus, consider outsourcing the maintenance of legacy systems. This tactic lets the company use its homegrown talent on forward-looking projects making more of an impact. Partner with an experienced staffing agency to find developers to maintain older systems. Building an executive team including professionals with a technical background dovetails with this approach.

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