Nurturing Your Talent Pipeline
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There’s no denying a strong economy and low unemployment rate create a competitive environment for technology talent. With top candidates barely on the market for a week or two, companies must take a different tack to ensure they make the right hire.

Ultimately, tech organizations need to foster a robust talent pipeline to ensure access to valuable passive candidates. With an engaged staffing process in mind, here are some insights on the benefits of a strong IT talent pipeline. It’s a case where building long-term relationships matters. Use this information to ensure a skills gap never siphons your company’s productivity.

Simply Recruiting a Higher Quality Candidate

Focusing on a long-term but proactive approach to your staffing process leads to a higher quality candidate pool. Instead of reacting to a sudden need, it’s something that requires a strategic mindset.

Over time, build relationships within your professional network and other sources. This ultimately gives you access to high-quality passive candidates interested in joining your organization. Simply put, trusted referrals work better than making cold calls desperately searching for anyone to fill a need.

Recruit More Quickly and Effectively

Building a strong talent pipeline helps you to fill an open position more quickly. Your connections understand the type of candidate that fits within your culture and tech stack. In many cases, you are able to make a hire without even posting about an open position. It’s a more efficient and cost-effective approach to staffing.

Cultural Fit Matters

Cultural fit plays a large role in employee happiness and a subsequent high retention rate for your company. This is a major reason why taking a strategic view to the staffing process pays dividends. Building a relationship with potential candidates over time builds a measure of trust between both parties. It gives your company the peace of mind it’s making the right hire at the right time.

Top Candidates Prefer Being Part of the “Pipeline”

The best technology professionals typically don’t have the time or desire to engage in a job search. Thus, they tend to be more amenable to being recruited in this passive manner. Once again, relationship building plays an important factor in building trust from their end. This makes them more willing to join your team when an opportunity arises.

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