Core soft skills for tech careers
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Sure, strong technical ability is a must for anyone wanting a successful technology career. On the other hand, softer skills, like communication, problem-solving, and adaptability are also needed.

In this modern economy, companies recently discovered they prefer employees with a good mix of both areas. So what core soft skills do you need to develop to keep your IT career on a path to success?

Let’s take a look at a few examples, and see how they make a positive impact for tech professionals across the industry. Making yourself a more marketable candidate is a worthy goal.

Tech Companies Need Problem Solvers

According to a survey of recruiters, 62 percent of them want candidates with a proven ability to solve problems. This skill is especially important for any tech pro hoping to move into management during their career. Be sure to emphasize examples of your problem-solving acumen in the professional experience section of your résumé.

Communication Skills are Vital

Candidates with both verbal and written communication skills remain in demand throughout the tech industry. Once again, anyone with dreams of an IT management role needs to hone these related soft skills. Expect to be vetted on your speaking ability during an interview. Consider joining a local Toastmasters chapter to get some confidence as a public speaker.

The Modern Technology Professional Needs to Adapt

One commonality in any technology career is the constant change. Many of the hottest technologies from 10-15 years ago are barely afterthoughts in the current landscape. Therefore, modern IT organizations want employees with the ability to adapt. They focus on this soft skill when interviewing entry-level candidates fresh out of school.

A Fast-Paced Tech World Requires Exceptional Time Management Skills

Tech companies need employees with excellent time management skills. This isn’t surprising when considering the current focus on efficiency and productivity throughout the industry. It’s another reason why arriving late to a job interview spells the end of most IT candidacies.

A Keen Ability to Organize is Desired

Being organized is essential for anyone working in a technology field. Expect companies to pay close attention to a candidate’s organizational skills when perusing résumés and during the interview. Once again, make sure you prepared for this line of questioning when meeting with companies.

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