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There’s no denying that it remains a difficult market for sourcing technology talent. This is especially the case when searching for candidates experienced in information security.

The strong demand for cybersecurity professionals remains high and shows no signs of abating. So how will your company successfully compete to hire the best cybersecurity talent in 2020? While training your existing staff helps somewhat, there’s also a need for experienced professionals. Finding this talent amidst the growing scourge of hacking incidents and other cybercrime requires a detailed approach.

4 Talent Sourcing Ideas for 2020

1. Build a Security Internship Program With Local Colleges

Forging an internship program focused on information security is a great way to attract fresh talent who are eager to learn. This relationship also exposes your company to new graduates, which helps build a cybersecurity talent pipeline to serve your organization over time. Ultimately, it’s a great way to combat a lack of experienced security professionals.

Obviously, your organization needs to leverage a robust training program to upskill these new hires and interns.

2. Leverage a Cybersecurity Training Program to Train Existing Employees

Speaking of implementing a cybersecurity training program, it’s a valid option for ensuring your employees get exposure to the latest techniques for fighting hackers. Training in this area is especially important for software engineers and network administrators. Adding this knowledge helps them build applications and network infrastructures able to withstand nefarious online activities.

Be sure to include lab work in addition to classroom training. This ensures your team gets the hands-on experience necessary for truly learning various cybersecurity techniques.

3. Foster a Company Culture Known for Excellence in Information Security

Over time, your company needs to become known for its dedication to information security excellence. A culture focused in this area helps to retain your current employees, while also attracting both experienced cybersecurity professionals as well as those who want to learn from the best. Your strong training program combined with competitive compensation and bonus packages also helps in this regard.

4. Create a Mentorship Program for Younger Employees

Tying back to the original point on using interns and recent graduates interested in an information security career, develop a mentorship program to bootstrap these new professionals. Pairing fresh hires with experienced cybersecurity pros allows them to learn the tricks of the trade. It also becomes an important part of the culture discussed earlier.

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