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Sure, your technical ability matters when forging a rewarding IT career. Increasingly however, companies want employees with a host of softer skills, and strong communication ability ranks near the top of that list.

These verbal and written skills help you better interact with clients, stakeholders, coworkers, and bosses. Here are a few tips aimed at improving your professional communication skills. It’s even possible to publish your own IT blog, positioning yourself as an industry thought leader. Leverage these ideas to develop the abilities you need to take your tech career to a higher level.

1) Simplify Your Language

It’s easy to go overboard with the jargon when discussing a technical topic. However, this isn’t always the most effective approach when communicating with business stakeholders. Simplifying your language when speaking with clients or non-technical coworkers helps you communicate more effectively.

2) Join a Local Toastmasters Chapter

A non-profit organization, Toastmasters International helps people hone their public speaking skills. Joining a local chapter is a smart move for anyone looking to become a better communicator. Public speaking ability makes things easier if you plan on presenting at a technical conference or even something as simple as a daily Agile standup meeting.

Ultimately, growing in confidence as a public speaker enables you to move into a management role someday, if that’s your professional desire.

3) Being a Good Listener Also Matters

People tend to tune out those who speak all the time without letting anyone else provide their own opinions. Because of this, the best communicators tend to be those who are also good listeners. Being able to lead a discussion on an important IT project with a mix of technical and non-technical personnel requires great listening skills. So keep this in mind when developing your own communication abilities.

4) Don’t Forget to Hone Your Written Communication Skills

Written communication skills are also important for technology professionals. Authoring requirements, spec documents, and application manuals becomes easier when you are able to write clearly and effectively. Take extra care to translate complex technical subjects into something easily understood by everyone.

Additionally, take your writing skills to another level by publishing your own technology blog. Talk about the latest tech innovations and your current project work. This puts you on a path to becoming a thought leader in the IT world.

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