Career Tips for Software Developers 2019
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If you are just beginning a career as a software engineer, congratulations are in order. It remains a rewarding profession, with lucrative salaries and a large number of opportunities, especially in the Boston area.

No matter your dreams for a career as a developer, hard work, planning, and a focused effort helps you achieve them. Ultimately, it’s important to start off your career in the right fashion. With that in mind, check out these tips and insights to follow a path to success until your day of retirement. Personal and financial rewards await you.

1) Sharpen Your Coding Skills

While a software engineer typically performs other tasks at work, coding remains their bread and butter. Because of this, practice your coding skills on a regular basis. Learn a few popular languages to get a better feel for different programming styles. Consider working on a volunteer open-source project for practical experience in languages not used at your day job.

2) Become a Jack of All Trades

Related to that last point, being adept in a variety of programming languages and associated skills, like database design is essential. Eventually growing into a full-stack developer able to craft a compelling user interface, in addition to all the back-end code is a worthy goal. This adds heft to your résumé helping you quickly find work when necessary.

3) Build a Professional Network on LinkedIn and Programmer Communities

A robust professional network is an essential part of any successful technology career. So join and become active on any LinkedIn Groups related to your development work and interests. Additionally, there are a variety of online programmer user communities to meet fellow developers. The open-source projects mentioned earlier are another great source for network connections.

When you are stuck on a difficult problem or are looking for interesting job opportunities, your professional network definitely helps.

4) Soft Skills are Also Important for a Software Engineering Career

Of course, top-notch developer skills will serve you well throughout your career. However, most companies want programmers with soft skills, like strong verbal and written communication ability, leadership, and problem-solving. Be sure to hone these skills at the same time you improve your coding acumen. Reaching your true potential as a technology professional becomes easier when you possess both.

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