Offering Remote Work for IT Professionals 2019
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A continued strong economy and low unemployment rate means the competitive market for technology talent remains in force. As such, companies need to go the extra mile when it comes to adding the necessary perks to convince top candidates to join their organization.

In most cases, the ability to telecommute is one such benefit that tech professionals want. In short, chances are very strong your company needs to offer remote work to its employees. If not currently permitted, then consider adding a telecommuting benefit as soon as possible.

Your organization’s ability to source, hire, and retain IT talent likely depends on it.

Tech Professionals Want to Telecommute

There’s no denying that the modern IT professional wants the ability to telecommute. A recent survey of tech pros reveals a supermajority – 73 percent – desire positions offering flexible scheduling and remote work options. Less than half of the surveyed’s employers – 49 percent – currently offer these perks.

In a competitive IT job market, telecommuting is a benefit that helps candidates differentiate between offers. Even if the economy takes a downturn in the next few years, the technology market typically stays somewhat immune to those cycles. Simply put, to hire the best, your company needs to offer remote work.

Offering Remote Work… but How Often?

The same survey also detailed how often today’s tech pros want to work remotely. Nearly one-quarter want the perk to be available 100 percent of the time. 40 percent want to telecommute at least half the time. Once again, only a relatively small percentage of current technology employers offer this level of telecommuting.

In short, allowing remote work only a few days each doesn’t fly with the current tech workforce. However, over one-quarter of IT employers do offer only that amount of telecommuting.

Some IT Employees Would Take Less Pay for Remote Work

So being allowed to telecommute is important for current IT professionals. But this desire is so strong, some are even willing to take a cut in pay for this extra benefit. One-third of the surveyed tech workers would take a 10 percent cut in pay to work remotely.

The bottom line is simple. If your organization wants to be able to attract great technology professionals, you need to offer telecommuting.

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