Fueling Your Data Science Career
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When discussing the biggest tech innovations transforming the business world, the Cloud, the IoT, and Big Data all reside at or near the top.  Companies in a variety of industries gain many benefits by leveraging any combination of these three in their business operations. In fact, another emerging technical discipline – data science – takes advantage of all.

Let’s analyze why data science is growing in importance to modern business. Ultimately, it helps these firms make sense of their massive data stores; thus the strong demand for IT pros with experience as data scientists. Leverage these insights to take your tech career to an even higher level.

Big Data in the Cloud is Driving a Need for Technology Talent

As companies strive to derive a competitive advantage from their Big Data, the need for talented technology professionals experienced in this area continues to grow. Adding the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing to the equation also is creating opportunities for IT workers. This is the case in Boston as well as the rest of the country.

In fact, it’s the IoT itself that’s generating the massive amounts of data needing to be wrangled. According to a recent survey, close to 13 billion IoT sensors are expected to be online in 2020. The amount of these sensors in use is growing at an annual rate of 35 percent since 2017.

In short, don’t expect Big Data to get smaller anytime soon. The IDC predicts 175 ZB of data will be stored by 2025. For reference, ZB stands for zettabytes; a zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes.

Since a good chunk of this data gets stored in the Cloud, companies are looking for tech pros with a mixture of experience in data science, Big Data, and the Cloud. The demand for these talented professionals remains high, due to the scarcity of candidates with the right mix of skills.

The Business World’s Strong Demand for Data Science Professionals

As noted above, the convergence of Big Data, the IoT, and the Cloud created a huge demand for data scientists over the last few years. LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue noted that “data science and machine learning-related jobs, taken together, represent five of the top 15 growing jobs in America today.” Boston ranks with New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area where this shortage is the largest.

In short, becoming a data scientist puts your tech career on a fast track to success.

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