Top Cyber Security Talent 2019
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In the wake of the growth of eCommerce and a subsequent increase in hacking incidents, cybersecurity becomes more important across the business world.

Because of this, technology professionals with experience in information security remain in high demand. A focused staffing effort and generous salary offers are essential to source and successfully hire these IT pros.

In many cases, today’s tech organization just doesn’t have the time to train existing employees when considering the current risk. So, what are the best sources for finding top cybersecurity talent? We take a closer look at this important issue facing the HR teams at many businesses.

Use AI to Help Source Qualified Candidates

HR departments increasingly use AI to enhance their ability to source technical candidates. This tech innovation makes it easier to find those “needle in the haystack” professionals, especially when considering a high demand skill set, like cybersecurity. It’s also a great technique to find passive candidates, i.e. those not actively looking for a new a position.

In short, using AI to enhance your company’s sourcing process makes it easy to find great candidates in cybersecurity as well as those other hard to find technical disciplines.

Leverage Employee Referrals

Also reach out to your employees to see if any of their colleagues boast cybersecurity experience. This is another excellent source for passive candidates. A generous referral program helps incent your team to suggest qualified candidates in all areas of IT.

Candidate Engagement is Important

Once you find a qualified information security professional, you need to quickly engage that potential candidate. If they have other suitors, they likely won’t be on the market for more than two to three weeks. Because of this, a fast and efficient staffing process is a must!

Make a personal connection and sell the person on your organization’s welcoming office culture. Assuming there is a mutual interest and they performed well during the interview, speed is of the essence. Be sure to keep them in the loop throughout the entire hiring process.

Don’t Forget Your Current Employees

Upskilling your current employees in information security also needs to be part of your strategy for finding cybersecurity talent. Research the backgrounds of your staff for any semblance of security-related experience. Ultimately, combining the onboarding of experienced cybersecurity talent with a strong training program ensures your company is able to efficiently meet its information security needs.

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