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There comes a time in any technology career when switching industries is a possibility. For example, if you want to live and work in Boston, getting an IT position with one of the many financial services firms in the area helps you achieve that goal.

The same rule applies in regards to Los Angeles or the Bay Area and the video game industry. In essence, success working in IT for a specific business sector requires the understanding of its unique aspects. This includes both business knowledge as well as any technical tools primarily used in that industry. So here are a few tips on changing industries during your technology career.

Understanding the Business is a Must, no Matter the Industry

First off, before switching to a new industry it helps to research the standard business operations within that sector, and how technology makes an operational difference. This knowledge helps you during an interview and when interacting with stakeholders on technical projects. In the end, success in your new position, including a chance for promotion, depends on understanding how both business and technology work together.

Ultimately, given the increased collaboration in the IT world, companies in nearly all business sectors want tech employees with deep knowledge in both business and technology.

How Does Technology Impact Operations in the Business Sector?

Keep referring to this question as you research the industry where you want to work. As an IT professional, your skills are essential for your potential employer to leverage technology for a competitive advantage. As part of this research, also learn what specific IT tools and platforms are used within the sector.

For example, in the financial industry, tech is making a big impact in a variety of areas. AI and machine learning are used to create customer service chatbots used to help customers before they speak with a human CSR. These same tech innovations are also used to power automated stock trading.

So if you want to find an IT job in finance, experience with AI definitely helps. Additionally, with the increase in eCommerce, especially using the Web and mobile devices, financial companies need software engineers with experience in mobile and web development.

Writing mobile apps requires skills in Objective-C and Swift for iOS, and Java for Android. Depending on the web hosting platform, web development also uses Java, in addition to Microsoft .NET with C# being the most popular language for .NET. Knowing the technical stack a potential employer uses is a requirement before applying.

In the end, you need to take a similar analytical approach when considering a switch to another business sector.

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