Database Developer Career Advancement 2019
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Considering the growing importance of data throughout the business world, it comes as no surprise that companies increasingly need database developers.

These skillful tech professionals help organizations by designing and programming databases able to capture, store, and report on relevant business information. Lucrative job opportunities are available for those with the skills and experience with databases.

If you are a database developer looking to take your career to another level, check out these tips sure to help you grow as a professional. Leverage the insights within to position yourself for continued professional growth.

Hone Your SQL Programming Skills

Any top-notch database developer is an expert in the SQL programming language. While there are subtle differences in SQL based on the vendor – Microsoft, Oracle, etc. – the majority of language is the same. Becoming an expert in writing SQL queries, stored procedures, and functions for a multitude of purposes is simply a must.

Also, expect any technical interview for a database developer position to vet your SQL programming chops in detail. So be sure to brush up on your knowledge before any interview.

Strong Database Design Skills Are Also Important

Being skillful in database design is also vital for any database developer. You need to be able to craft a detailed and well-normalized data model from any business domain. If you feel you are weak in this area, spend some time improving your design skills. Working with a more complex data model means a better learning opportunity for you.

Familiarity With the Database Developer’s Tools of the Trade

An experienced database developer boasts a deep familiarity with the tools of the profession. This includes an IDE (integrated development environment) used to write and execute SQL queries. Understanding how to optimize queries to perform better becomes easier when using a fully-featured IDE.

A data modeling tool is obviously used to create data models. These tools make it easy to create a graphical version of a model, known as an ER (entity-relationship) diagram. Some of the better IDEs also include modeling functionality used to create ER diagrams with a graphic interface.

Considering Earning a Certification

Earning a certification in a database discipline adds a measure of depth to your résumé. Both Oracle and Microsoft offer a variety of certifications suitable for database professionals. Consider one compatible with your chosen career path in databases.

Build your tech career

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