Tech Career Trends 2020
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Since the New Year is now upon us, it’s a great time to analyze the latest career trends within the technology industry. After all, if you want to keep your professional life on a path to success, understanding the evolving IT job market is a must.

This way you are able to get the right training and experience to qualify for a great opportunity.

With continued technology career growth in mind, here are the hottest IT job trends for 2020. Leverage these insights to position yourself for the best shot at a rewarding profession lasting until your retirement day. Maybe the corner office is in your future?

Multiple Industries Need Data Scientists

The growth of social media and eCommerce shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. These online activities create massive amounts of Big Data that businesses try to wrangle to wean actionable information. This is the main reason data scientists remain in demand throughout the modern business world.

Data scientists perform predictive and statistical analysis, helping companies find valuable trends within their massive data stores. Note that an advanced degree is generally a requirement. Experienced professionals in this job role enjoy an average annual salary of 108,000.

Quantum Computing Product Managers Growing in Importance

Raw computing power continues to grow in an exponential fashion. Quantum computing technology is starting to leave the laboratory and beginning to make real impacts in the world. Because of this trend, product managers experienced in this innovative tech are needed.

Quantum computing product mangers help lead initiatives using this nascent tech to help improve food safety or increase the efficacy of cancer detection algorithms. Ultimately, this is a great role if using tech to make the world a better place intrigues you. Experience as a technology product manager helps you get the gig.

The Increasing Role for Data Governance Means Big Data Auditors are in Demand

As more companies rely on their data stores as part of their operations, data governance grows in importance. So a relatively new IT job role, the Big Data auditor, helps organizations ensure the quality of the masses of data they maintain. These emerging tech pros leverage AI and data analytics to help businesses separate the wheat from the chaff within their data. A mixture of SQL skills, business acumen, and an understanding of machine learning algorithms is essential to thrive in this role.

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