Tech Career Landscape in Boston 2020
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Opportunities abound for technology professionals across the country, but especially so in Boston. Of course, the local economy remains strong and demand for talented and experienced tech candidates is high.

Additionally, the healthcare and financial industries are major contributors to Boston’s tech scene and both are currently undergoing a digital transformation.

Needless to say, if you work in IT, Boston is great place to plant your roots. This is especially the case if you are experienced in either AI or data science. Let’s look more closely at the local tech scene and why it shows no signs of slowing down.

Despite a High Cost of Living Boston is Great For Tech Pros

As far as the East Coast is concerned, Boston’s cost of living rivals that of New York City. Still, technology professionals continue to migrate to the Boston area to take their careers to a higher level. A tech economist, Jed Kolko, commented on this trend.

“The Boston area, despite being expensive, it’s still desirable for tech job seekers,” said Kolko. His research team recently produced a report ranking Boston as the eighth-largest tech hub in the United States. The number of tech jobs in the area grew by 6 percent in 2018. This ranked third among US-based tech hubs.

What are The Hottest IT Jobs in the Boston Area?

The same study also analyzed the hottest tech positions available in Boston. It concluded: “We identified specific tech job titles that pay well and are growing rapidly—today’s hot tech titles. These roles—like data scientist and cloud engineer—are often cutting-edge and highly desirable in contrast with established tech jobs that pay more moderately, like technical support and quality assurance analyst.”

According to the study, the current hottest jobs in Boston include web content specialist, robotics engineer, and director of analytics. Still, opportunities are plentiful in other tech disciplines, including information security engineers, data scientists, mobile app developers and more. Companies in multiple industries are looking for both experienced professionals and those candidates fresh out of college.

With over 2,000 tech companies calling Boston home, the area is expected to remain an important East Coast hub for innovation. In addition to opportunities at businesses in the financial and healthcare sectors, organizations in Edtech, computer hardware, and security are also looking for tech talent.

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