Efficiencies in Database Operations 2020
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In a competitive business landscape increasingly driven by eCommerce, businesses rely on being able to quickly wean important information from their data stores. Ensuring their databases are able to execute complex queries or other operations efficiently helps in this competition.

Database administrators ultimately get judged for the overall efficiency of the databases under their management. Here are a few tips for making databases run more smoothly and efficiently. If you are a DBA, understanding these concepts simply helps you do a better job. You and your managers will be very happy.

Centralized Systems Help With Database Management

In today’s tech world, data can arrive from a wide variety of sources. Because of this, it’s important for database administrators to craft a centralized system to feed data into the company’s database. In addition to improving the managing and curating of the data, it also makes it easier to scrub new records before storing them. Expect more efficient database operations with this approach.

Improving the Management of Notifications and Alerts

Many DBAs leverage automation as part of their database monitoring tasks. Unfortunately, these automated tools tend to send out a host of notifications and alerts. While some of them are critical, other are not, and simply distract from the administrator’s daily routine.

So make it a point to manage the threat level of these notifications, ensuring that only the most important ones get sent to you and your team. Most high-quality automated database management tools feature this functionality. If not, find a different tool.

Craft a Strategy to Streamline Backup and Restore Processing

Performing backups and restores of databases is a process ripe for streamlining. In fact, centralizing a company’s data systems as mentioned in the first tip also makes this process more efficient. Once again, the importance of scrubbing data to ensure its cleanliness helps to streamline this aspect of data operations.

Never Forget Security and Privacy

In this era of eCommerce, data security and privacy has never been more important. DBAs need to keep both concepts at the forefront of all their data management decisions. Ensure new privacy laws, like the European GDPR, are closely followed. Additionally, the latest security updates and patches to databases, like SQL Server and Oracle, need to be applied as quickly as possible. This ensures smooth running database operations.

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