Attract and Retain Remote Workers 2020
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If your company doesn’t already have a telecommuting policy it needs to consider adding one immediately. Remote working is an important perk for today’s technology candidate, and companies without a policy are at a great disadvantage when sourcing talented tech professionals. In fact, it also plays a big role in retaining your existing IT employees.

Let’s look more closely at how to attract talented remote candidates, with an eye towards retaining their services over the long haul. Ultimately, remote working helps you compete successfully in the current job market. Leverage these tips and insights to ensure your organization never suffers from a technology talent gap.

Hiring Remote Workers?

Remote Hiring Needs to be an Important Part of Your Company Culture

Considering that telecommuting is a perk desired by the modern tech candidate, your company needs to advertise the fact it allows remote working. When combined with flexible scheduling, it illustrates how the organization values their employees’ work-life balance. Include information about your telecommuting policy on your website, in job postings, and during the interview.

This approach helps you attract interested IT candidates. More importantly, it makes it easier to retain your current employees that might look elsewhere given the opportunity for remote work.

Work Hard to Make Your Remote Workers Truly Feel Part of The Team

Sometimes remote workers feel detached and distant from their fellow coworkers. Make it a point to combat these feelings by working extra to make these remote employees feel part of the team. Inviting them, with expenses paid, to annual meetings, company retreats, and industry conferences helps engender a feeling of community among your remote staff. They should also get access to any wellness perks, including gym memberships in their location.

Tailor The Interview to Probe a Candidate’s Affinity For Remote Working

Not all candidates are able to work from home and still keep a normal level of productivity. Make it a point to ask a few questions on a candidate’s experience with working from home. This is also something to probe into when checking their references. Ensure they are experienced and productive when telecommuting.

Exploring their daily schedule and their ability to handle distractions are two lines of questioning worth taking. What tools do they leverage to improve their productivity when telecommuting? In the end, understanding their experience level with remote working is essential.

Looking for Top IT Talent?

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