2020 Tech Outlook
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The one constant in the technology industry is its seemingly never-ending change. Some of the hottest technologies from a decade ago are barely afterthoughts in the current scene. One obvious example of this is Flash.

In the end, staying aware of the changes in the tech world is essential for both companies and professionals. Here is a high-level overview of the hottest trends in the 2020 IT world. Leverage these ideas to stay prepared for continued change in the tech industry. It’s an approach that ensures you (or your organization) are able to thrive no matter what.

3 Core Trends To Keep Your Eyes on This Year

The Cloud Remains an Important Technology Trend

Companies of all sizes continue to migrate some or all of their technical infrastructure and operations to Cloud-based service provides. In short, this tech trend shows no signs of abating. In 2020, these organizations increasingly strive to gain a measure of flexibility by adopting a hybrid or multicloud approach.

Gartner recently highlighted this trend; predicting that 90 percent of organizations will adopt a hybrid-Cloud infrastructure by the end of the year. This approach is suitable for companies embracing the Cloud for the first time. Companies taking a multicloud approach enjoy the advantages of multiple Cloud vendors without being locked into only one.

The Cloud is also home to many providers of AI services, with access to AI being one reason for Cloud adoption. This leads us to the next trend.

Artificial Intelligence Growing in Importance Within the IT World

According to Gartner, 80 of their surveyed companies are already seeing a return on their investment in AI of at least 10 percent, which is leading to more adoption across multiple business sectors. These organizations typically use AI for a boost in internal operations while also enhancing various services. Some of the noted use cases for AI include customer service chatbots, product development and testing, as well as personalized assistants for current customers.

Edge Computing Expected to See Significant Growth

With the IoT continuing its emergence in business, and 5G networking poised to make a similar impact, both are driving a significant increase in edge computing. Once again, some statistics from Gartner reveal this transformation. According to Gartner, in 2019 companies generated only 10 percent of their data outside of the Cloud or a data center. This is predicted to increase to 75 percent by 2026. As such, edge computing is the third major tech trend worth exploring in 2020.

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