New World of FinTech 2020
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The transformation of the financial world by technology – creating something known as FinTech – continues to disrupt banking and investment companies in a positive manner.

These organizations leverage a variety of tech innovations, like artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and the Cloud, to better serve their customers and institutional clients. As such, opportunities for talented and experienced technology professionals remain plentiful in Boston.

So why is a career in the emerging FinTech field so rewarding? Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why you need to consider gaining some tangible experience in this nascent industry sector. Your résumé will thank you in the end!

Considering A Switch To FinTech?

Lucrative FinTech Opportunities Abound

The fact many tech companies, like Apple and Facebook, are entering the fray with their own financial products is driving innovation in the typically conservative financial sector. Given this scenario, these venerable firms are largely able to leverage the trust earned over decades or longer to maintain their customer base.

At the same time, financial companies aren’t resting on their laurels, as technology-driven product innovation continues throughout this business sector. This is a prime factor in the copious amount of available FinTech job opportunities with a variety of financial companies, both venerable and start-up.

Financial Companies Felt The Pace of Technology Changes Were a Threat

A survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2016 noted that 81 percent of CEOs at banking organizations felt the pace of technology innovations was a threat to their company’s growth potential. Obviously, these banking organizations reacted to this threat by increasing investment in new products in this nascent FinTech space. In tandem with this additional spending, financial organizations are also partnering with various tech hubs to gain the extra brainpower necessary for this new approach.

This need for experienced technology talent is what’s driving the increased opportunities for tech professionals looking to move into FinTech. Financial companies are still receiving additional investment and are putting that money into new FinTech product design.

If you boast a financial background but are interested in the technology side of the shop, consider taking classes in programming with an eye towards learning mobile app development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Those same three subjects are also recommended for tech pros hoping to take advantage of these new FinTech job opportunities. A lucrative career path awaits those willing to invest in their own technical skills.

Are you considering the next step in your career?

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