Project Manager Spotlight The CERES Group 2020
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Project managers are the cog in the wheel that powers the technology industry and other business sectors that rely on IT innovations. Blessed with the right mix of technical know-how, business acumen, and people skills, PMs help ensure important tech initiatives get completed on time.

Experienced project managers remain in demand, with plentiful job opportunities at lucrative salaries. Are you interested in a new project management position or are possibly considering a change in your tech career?

If so, check out our overview of the typical project manager job description and position requirements. Maybe a positive change in your career is right around the corner?

What Does A Typical Career as  Project Manager Look Like?

The Typical Job Description For a Project Manager

Typically, project managers serve as a conduit between the technical team and business stakeholders. Keeping both parties happy requires a deft touch and exemplary communication skills. At the beginning of a project, the PM works with both to determine the requirements for the initiative.

After this effort, the technical team creates the project specifications, after which the PM uses this information to create a project timeline, usually with the help of a senior or lead developer. This effort varies based on the chosen methodology; typically either the older Waterfall methodology or a newer Agile approach. PMs with experience using both methodologies are valued within the industry.

As the project proceeds, the PM helps keep things on track by communicating status reports from the development team, dealing with specification changes, and any potential scope creep. This is where their diplomatic skills come into play, ensuring everyone is satisfied with the progress on the project. Some PMs even have the responsibility for managing multiple projects at once.

Project Manager Job Requirements

Nearly all project manager positions require a Bachelor’s degree, either in a technical discipline, business, or finance. In many cases, this depends on the company’s needs. Don’t be surprised to see a requirement of over 10 years project management experience, with five years being the minimum. Business domain experience is generally desired, as is some level of technology experience.

Some positions demand a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. Others require specific experience related to the open position, typically related to an important commercial application or platform for which the PM would be responsible. Agile PM or Scrum Master positions obviously need management experience on Agile or Scrum projects.

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