Work Experience the Essential Resume Component
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Of course, looking for a new position as a technology professional requires a well-crafted and concise résumé.

You need to clearly state your array of IT skills using the latest keywords to make it easier for recruiters to find you online. Most importantly, the work history section must include the tangible impacts you’ve made throughout your career.

What follows are a few strategies for how to best highlight your professional experience on a résumé. Leverage these insights to ensure hiring managers notice your candidacy and subsequently bring you in for an interview. It’s the best way for a successful technology job search.

Detailing Your Tangible Experience on a Résumé is Critical

Companies want to hire candidates with a proven track record of making a difference for their employers. Because of this, pepper the work history part of your résumé with the tangible impacts you made throughout your career. Consider using a bullet point list to draw attention of the reader.

Using facts and figures also helps make a better impression on a hiring manager. This includes details like reducing the percentage of bugs in an application for software engineers, decreasing downtime for a server farm for network administrators, and other quantifiable impacts you previously made. Use the cover letter to go into additional supporting detail as necessary.

Highlight Any Soft Skills as Part of Your Experience

The modern organization looking for technology talent values softer skills more than ever. These include leadership, verbal and written communication ability, problem solving skills, versatility, and thriving in a collaborative environment. Mentioning these skills throughout the work history section of your résumé – where appropriate – definitely improves your chances of earning an interview. Again, take a similar approach with your cover letter.

If called in for an interview, be sure to study the contents of your résumé, while focusing on your valuable experiences. Expect to be asked to go into more detail in this area. Having the information at the forefront of your mind helps you give a compelling performance.

Keywords Matter in Improving the Online Visibility of Your Résumé

Remember, nearly all hiring managers look for candidates online. As noted earlier, use the latest keywords to detail your tech skills as well as your relevant work experience. Recruiters look for certain keywords like “leadership” or “communication skills” when sourcing senior-level candidates.

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