Finding a Job in an Unsettled Economy 2020
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The Coronavirus pandemic continues to play havoc with the job market, as unemployment rates are expected to reach historical heights. Thankfully, the technology industry generally stays immune to economic downturns, but some companies are curtailing their staffing efforts in the wake of COVID-19.

However, starting your own job search in this environment isn’t an impossible task. A successful technology job search typically requires a persistent effort. In the current market, however, an effective strategy also matters. Here are a few tips and insights sure to find you a great IT position able to help your career growth.

How To Find a Job During Uncertainty

Focus on Companies Embracing New Technologies

Many businesses are in the process of embracing new technology innovations. The FinTech space is one example, as companies continue to leverage machine learning and AI to build customer service chatbots, automated trading algorithms, and other transformational enhancements. Focus on these forward-looking organizations during your job search, since they probably still need talented professionals experienced in these emerging areas. Tangible information security experience is another plus.

Tech Companies Embracing The Work From Home Model

Even before the pandemic, IT businesses were increasingly allowing employees to telecommute as part of providing a company culture focused on flexibility and a meaningful work-life balance. In the wake of Coronavirus, even more companies instituted work from home policies.

This is a potential boon for the job seeker, as you don’t need to limit yourself to a certain geographic area when searching for interesting opportunities. Additionally, companies looking for difficult to source tech talent – like cybersecurity pros – also benefit from a wider talent pool. Keep this in mind if you possess tech skills that are in demand.

Prepare Your Home Office for Telecommuting (and a Remote Interview)

If you are new to working from home, make sure you prepare a home office where you are able to concentrate and stay productive. Ensure your Internet service can handle video conferencing, as this will be your new normal when interacting with bosses and coworkers. In fact, expect any job interviews to be conducted remotely, so use this as an opportunity to ensure your home workspace is sufficient.

Partner With an Experienced Staffing Agency

A partnership with an experienced IT staffing agency also helps ensure a successful job search in a difficult economy. The best agencies know the companies still hiring,

especially those focused on remote work. They can also help you devise a well-honed search strategy.

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