Tech Recruiting Errors 2020
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Considering the tight job market for technology talent, your company needs to ensure its staffing process is on point. Any errors when recruiting IT candidates might cause your organization to miss out on a great hire.

Since any hiring effort tends to be costly, reducing errors makes it more efficient; ultimately improving the company’s bottom line.

With an eye towards an effective tech staffing process, here is a list of some errors your team needs to avoid. Leverage this information to ensure the organization boasts a talented IT staff and a robust candidate pool. The company’s success depends on it.

5 Common Error Companies Make When Looking For Top Tech Talent

A Staffing Process Without Planning

If your company’s staffing process gets engaged on a whim whenever a hiring need arises, this obviously leads to errors. You need to make the effort to formulate a staffing plan as part of any annual strategic process. This plan should include an analysis of upcoming hiring needs, as well as a well-crafted job description template, standardized interview questions, a candidate rating system, and more.

The Lack of a Mobile-Friendly Website

Studies show nearly 80 to 90 percent of candidates search for opportunities on their mobile devices. The lack of a mobile-friendly website simply causes many of these professionals to look elsewhere when a job posting doesn’t render properly on their smartphone. In short, make sure your corporate website uses the latest UX technology.

An Interview Process That Lasts Too Long

Many of the top technology candidates are only on the market for two or three weeks. This is especially the case with certain in-demand job roles, like information security engineers and mobile developers. Companies following a long interview process with multiple rounds stand a good chance of missing out on the top talent. When they finally make their hiring decision, their chosen candidate already accepted another offer.

Poor Communication Throughout The Hiring Process

Companies that fail to keep everyone informed throughout the entire hiring process leave a poor impression on candidates. This includes those not chosen for the next round of interviews. An open communication policy is essential.

Not Partnering With an Experienced IT Staffing Agency

Working with an experienced staffing agency is a smart strategy for any company’s staffing needs. They understand the organization’s tech stack and office culture, helping to present the right candidates, already vetted. This includes assisting organizations on the right staffing strategy to ensure a robust talent pool.

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