Reopening and Hiring Impacts 2020
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As the economy slowly reopens in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are considering their staffing plans for the rest of 2020 and beyond. Needless to say, the disruption to the hiring process for IT professionals is significant.

Additionally, work from home policies is actually increasing the potential talent pool for some organizations. Remember, the demand for talented tech professionals still remains above normal, especially for certain in-demand roles, like information security and data science. Companies need to forge a streamlined hiring process and strike quickly after interviewing talented candidates. Let’s take a closer look.

A New Post-COVID Staffing Plan is in Order

A wise first step for companies after a pandemic involves creating a new staffing plan. Obviously, the environment is changed, and your organization needs to analyze its own staffing needs as well as the external market as part of this planning process. Work with your IT staffing agency partner for help on the job market analysis portion of your staffing plan.

Leverage Technology to Improve Your Staffing Process

The best tech candidates are still only on the market for a few weeks at most. This cold, hard fact is a major reason why companies need to make their hiring process more efficient. One option involves leveraging technology to create automated chatbots to help screen initial candidates.

Additionally, CRM applications are useful to better manage your company’s talent pipeline, so acquire one if the company doesn’t already use something similar. Finally, consider redesigning your company’s jobs website to better highlight your culture and hottest open positions.

Only Hire For The Critical Roles Your Company Needs

An analysis of the job roles your company expects to need over the next 12 to 18 months also needs to be part of any well-considered staffing plan. Only focus on these critical job roles when engaging your staffing process. Prioritizing things in this fashion makes the company’s staffing efforts more efficient, especially when combined with a more streamlined process powered by technology.

Partner With an Experienced IT Staffing Agency

As noted earlier, an experienced staffing agency is able to help your organization navigate the unique IT job market in the wake of COVID-19. Partnering with a preeminent employment firm in your region supercharges your staffing efforts. For example, they help vet applicants, letting your team focus on interviewing only the best candidates. Expect a great hire as a result.

When searching for a top notch IT staffing agency, look no further than the team at The CERES Group. We fully understand the tech job market in Boston and New England, and your organization reaps the benefits. Schedule some time with us soon.

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