Remote Work Habits 2020
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As remote working becomes commonplace in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, your company is likely allowing its staff to telecommute. While it may be more convenient to not have to commute into the office on a daily basis, you still need to maintain a high productivity level.

After all, if working from home becomes the new normal, staying productive remotely bodes well for the career of any IT professional.

With success as a telecommuter in mind, here are a few habits practiced by IT professionals who thrive when working from home. Leverage these ideas to keep your tech career on an upwards trend. Perhaps your home office becomes a “corner office” someday?

Effective Communication is Critical

Communication becomes even more important when working from home. This includes staying in contact over video, phone, and text messaging. Your employer probably hosts multiple meetings throughout the week using videoconferencing software, so make sure your webcam, microphone, and home office lighting are top-notch. Additionally, expect business collaboration software, like Slack, to become a critical part of your workday, as you keep in touch with your manager and coworkers.

Self-Motivation is a Key Factor in Success as a Telecommuter

Working from home makes it real tempting to slack off by playing a videogame or wasting time perusing your social media accounts. This is one bad remote work habit you need to avoid. Each day, you need to motivate yourself to stay productive and focused on your work assignments. Pretend that your boss is looking over your shoulder. In fact, some companies leverage tracking software to keep an eye on their remote workers.

Plan Your Daily Schedule – and Stick to It!

At the end of each day, take some time to plan your schedule for the next day. This extra effort helps you stay focused on your assignments. In essence, you are managing your own time to boost your productivity level. Make sure to leave space for breaks, as exercise and meditation time help keep your stress levels low.

Organize a Well-Appointed Home Office

Your home office plays a key role in staying productive when remote working. Simply hanging out on the couch with a laptop isn’t the right approach. Use a room with a door, as privacy becomes essential when you have roommates or a family. Keeping your office organized also helps keep you focused on work.

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