Successfully Interviewing Remotely
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While the current Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the economy, many technology companies are staying productive following a work from home model. This approach requires a different tack when it comes to many business functions formerly performed on-site, notably conducting job interviews.

In short, remote interviews are the new normal in a similar manner as telecommuting.

If your company is hoping to hire a great new candidate, here are a few insights on interviewing remotely. Leverage these ideas for an effective process that ensures the organization makes the right hiring decision. Soon, a great new employee will be part of the team.

Follow a Similar Process as With In-Person Interviews

Remember, remote interviews are essentially the same as their in-person equivalent, only the medium is different. So follow the same procedures, standard lines of questioning, and candidate scoring system your company normally uses. Additionally, if your company practices video or phone interviewing normally with candidates not located in your area, switching to a fully remote process becomes easier.

Test Your Remote Interviewing Technology

If your camera or videoconferencing software fails when interviewing a well-regarded technology candidate, it’s pretty embarrassing for your company. So be sure to test everything fully before an important interview, including camera angles and lighting. During the pandemic, your team is probably well-versed with video tech for conducting employee meetings, so an interview won’t be too different, but regular testing procedures are recommended.

Keep the Candidates Informed Before the Interview

Keeping candidates in the loop throughout the hiring process is important – remote interviewing or not. When scheduling a remote interview, tell the candidate about the videoconferencing app being used, and whether or not they need send video in addition to audio. Also, let them know if you want them to share their desktop for any potential technical portion of the interview.

A Streamlined Interview Process Provides the Best Chance at a Successful Hire

The top technology candidates are only on the market for a few weeks at the most. So don’t be surprised if your company’s favorite doesn’t make it to your fourth round of interviews because he accepted another offer. Any in-person or remote interview process needs to be efficient and short to give you the best shot at a successful hire.

Also give interviewees the flexibility to choose an interview schedule that suits their current home situation. After all, they may be doing double duty as a babysitter and a teacher!

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