Updating Your Tech Resume
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Your tech résumé remains an important calling card any time you look for a new IT job. This includes a version in a word processor used for emailing or printing out a hard copy. Additionally, treating your LinkedIn profile as an online version of your CV is also a must. So keep that profile updated!

With an eye towards crafting a great living résumé, here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your CV updated. Leverage these insights when it comes time to search for another technology position. However, also remember to keep it fresh when you learn a new skill or gain meaningful experience.

Tracking Your Work Makes Updating a Résumé Easier

Any time you successfully complete a project or add a new tech skill or two, it’s a good idea to update your résumé and LinkedIn profile. Don’t wait until you switch jobs or are looking for a new position. Keeping your online profiles and résumé freshly updated helps hiring managers find you with any intriguing new position. Always staying open to new opportunities ensures your IT career path trends upward.

Keeping a diary to track your work efforts makes this updating process easier. Additionally, having this information handy helps you when asking for a raise or promotion. Don’t trust your memory with all of these details!

In addition to updating your work diary with information about learning skills and completing projects, also note any awards or praise your receive from managers and successful interactions with clients. While some of this information likely isn’t relevant for your résumé, it likely provides useful insights when answering questions during an interview.

What Format Makes Sense For Your Professional Diary?

So how should you track your professional life in a diary format? Using word processing software likely makes the most sense, as that info is easily accessible when necessary. A voice recorder provides another option that might be easier for you compared to writing a document.

Still, that latter option makes it more difficult to peruse when updating a résumé or preparing for an interview. Using a speech to text converter application makes sense in that scenario. Whatever format you decide to use, be sure to regularly make new diary entries, while updating your résumé and online job profiles with the most important info.

Looking to Take the Next Step in Your IT Career?

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