Navigating the Winds of Change 2020
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All the massive changes affecting the tech industry due to the Coronavirus pandemic place the onus on IT leaders to successfully guide their teams through this difficult time. This is especially the case with companies that have transitioned to a work from home model. Managing remote workers requires a proactive and deft approach.

Ultimately, any tech leader needs to thrive on change whatever its underlying cause. The ability to manage stress and embrace the shifts in an innovative industry like technology separates the best leaders from those merely holding the title. Let’s take a closer look at how to improve your leadership skills in an evolving business world.

Steady on the Wheel is The Right Approach for The Modern Tech Leader

A great IT leader maintains an even keel no matter how difficult the changes they face. Dealing with a pandemic while keeping their team inspired, focused, and productive provides a keen opportunity to display managerial calm in the wake of a storm. Increasing the amount of communication using video conferencing, phone, or text messaging definitely contributes to a sense of normalcy during these times.

Seamlessly Adapting to a Different Workplace

As noted earlier, the increase in remote working serves as a great litmus test for today’s IT manager. For some leaders, it’s difficult to trust that employees are working hard without being in the same office. In this situation, setting clear expectations and project goals are critical to ensure everyone stays productive. In fact, some companies are finding their remote workers boast a higher productivity compared to working in-house.

Managers that quickly recognize this fact and easily adapt to managing remote workers are likely to be successful moving forward. Maybe working from home becomes the new normal even after the effects of the pandemic wane? If that’s the case, managers who adapted are in a better career position due to successfully navigating these winds of change.

Flexibility and Focus are Critical for a Successful IT Leader

While the pandemic provides a great example of IT leaders successfully handling change, the same concepts also apply to other industry transformations. Whatever the situation, remaining flexible while focusing on managing a team is the recipe for success. After all, when the pandemic is over the tech industry is likely to have a new revolution or two coming down the pike. In the end, always be prepared to evolve.

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