Tech Talent 2020
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The competition for technology talent remains fierce, even with the Coronavirus pandemic still hampering the economy. The battles are especially great for the hottest job roles, such as software engineers with machine learning experience or information security professionals with exposure to the financial industry. Ultimately, your company needs a focused staffing process for any chance of hiring the best. What follows are a few tips to help your organization stand out when competing to hire the best tech candidates. Leverage these ideas to keep your talent pipeline burgeoning at the seams. A great team of IT employees is a likely result.

Strike Quickly to Hire The Top Tech Talent

A recent research study by Bersin by Deloitte reveals the struggle companies face when sourcing great technology professionals. On average, top candidates are only on the market for 10 days. At the same time, a typical staffing process for a company lasts around 52 days, according to the study.

This data does not lie. Companies need to streamline their hiring process for the best shot at successfully hiring their ideal candidate. Consider only meeting personally with the top candidates and keeping the number of interview rounds to a minimum.

Formulate a Winning Staffing Strategy

Your company needs to craft a detailed staffing plan along with the right strategies to achieve its hiring goals. This approach includes leveraging networking to source talent more quickly, especially those valuable passive candidates. Additionally, use AI-powered chatbots to help vet applicants using the company website.

HR and the company’s tech managers need to work together to devise a rating system for candidates, as well as the right questions to ask during an interview. Having a rating system and standardized questions makes the post-interview candidate scoring process easier.

Reconsider Your Job Requirements

Companies that rely on outdated requirements for open positions tend to lose out on quality candidates. For example, some of the best technology professionals don’t have a college degree. Instead focus on tangible skills and experience; leveraging a testing and interview process that truly vets candidates for what they can do as opposed to where they went to college.

Trust a Local Technology Staffing Agency

Working with an experienced IT staffing agency is another great call for streamlining your hiring process. The best agencies boast a large candidate pool, already vetted and ready to make a difference for you.

If you are searching for a great technical staffing firm, The CERES Group needs to be on your radar. As one of the top agencies in Boston, we provide you with preeminent candidates with the skills to succeed. Schedule some time with us soon!

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