DevOps Team Success 2020
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The modern technology world thrives on collaboration. It’s a major reason for the growing popularity of the DevOps methodology.

Somewhat related to Agile, DevOps creates one team made up of programmers, network administrators, and sometimes QA personnel and business analysts. The ultimate goal is a more efficient and productive software development process.

Still, companies need to ensure their DevOps team has the tools it needs for success. For example, automation also plays a key role in achieving the productivity necessary to thrive in today’s business landscape. Let’s take a closer look at how to ensure your company’s investment in DevOps pays off.

Closing Your Company’s DevOps Skills Gap

If you want DevOps to succeed at your organization, you need to close any skills gap hampering your team’s understanding of the methodology and its associated toolset. According to the 2019 Upskilling Report by the DevOps Institute, automation, cloud analytics, and soft skills are the most critical skills needed by anyone working with this emerging methodology. Automation is especially critical, considering the efficiency gained by automating repetitive software development processes.

Soft skills on this list isn’t surprising, considering the importance of collaboration in today’s IT landscape, as noted earlier. The Institute noted that communication and empathy are vital for tech pros who want to thrive in a DevOps shop. Giving employees training in this area is a smart approach to improve teamwork at your organization.

However, the 2020 report highlighted governance at the top of the most needed skills for DevOps professionals. This change after only one year highlights the growing maturity of the methodology as more companies embrace its principles. Notable, governance is an area critical across multiple business sectors.

Fostering a Culture of Learning Helps Ensure a Successful DevOps Adoption

If your company already boasts a culture focused on learning, your chances of successfully adopting DevOps are higher. Ensure your team gets the right training on tools used for automation, verbal and written communication skills, and technology policy governance. This approach ensures a skills gap won’t hamper your adoption of DevOps or another variant of Agile.

Also encourage your tech team to take part in any hackathons or similar events to keep their skills fresh. It’s an approach that makes adopting DevOps a breeze.

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