Ethics in Innovation 2020
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If hoping to find a rewarding new position as a technology professional, you probably want to work with an organization where ethics matter.

After all, do the former employees of Theranos put that experience on their résumé, considering the company’s highly-publicized ethical failure? It’s a case where working for an unethical organization might be bad for your career.

When interviewing with a company, how do you best determine whether ethics matter at this organization? Even when working on an innovative product, will corners be cut to get it to the marketplace? Let’s take a closer look at this important issue to help you make the right choice if receiving a job offer.

Volunteer For Charitable Technology Work

Non-profits and charitable organizations regularly need help with technology projects. Proactive IT companies encourage their employees to volunteer for these initiatives. Taking part in this charity work gives you a great opportunity to network with companies (and their employees) known for an ethical approach to business. You also get the chance to work side by side with a few potential future coworkers.

Researching the Company is Critical

As part of any job search, you need to deeply research the companies where you might work. Pay attention to their social media activity and try to find any news stories relating to the ethics of the organization. A deeper effort involves probing into the backgrounds of their managerial team, including where they worked previously and if there are any red flags in their history.

Also reach out to your professional network to see if any of your colleagues have any insights. Of course, knowing any current or former employees of the company in question provides a great source of information.

Remember, cultural fit also matters when it comes to employee satisfaction. So finding a company with an office culture compatible with yours increases the chances your ethics will also match.

Interview Questions to Help Determine the Company’s Approach to Ethics

When you get a chance to interview with a company for an intriguing technology role, use this opportunity to ask a few questions about ethics when prompted. Also, try to include your ethical views when asked open-ended questions such as, “What are your major strengths?” or “What are your career motivations?”

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