IT Salary Insights 2021
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Even with the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world, the technology industry stayed surprisingly resilient. Either way, 2021 is poised for a significant rebound, as the economy is expected to continue its current recovery.

So, if you are considering a change to your technology career, it helps to understand the current market.

What follows is an overview of tech salaries for the coming year. Leverage this information for an informed approach to your next IT job search. Maybe it inspires you to learn a new skill or two? A lucrative new opportunity awaits you right around the corner.

2021 Salary Insights for Some of the Fastest Growing IT Careers

High-Paying Software Engineer Opportunities Abound

If you work as a software engineer, rest assured that the market continues to be strong, with many opportunities available. Expect to earn an average annual salary of around $112,000 for software engineering positions. Senior-level engineers command close to $140,000 per year.

Web developers earn a lower salary, at around $85,000, but demand for these professionals remains high. If you have experience as a mobile developer, expect to earn around $130,000. iOS developers command a slightly higher salary than their Android counterparts. Note that there aren’t as many open positions for mobile developers compared to software engineers.

The Business World Needs Data Scientists

The data scientist is a relatively new technology role with a high-demand for experienced professionals. The average annual salary for data scientists is around $124,000. However, this is one field where experience leads to a higher pay rate. For example, data scientists with three to five years of experience command salaries over $140,000 per year.

The Average Salary For a Network Administrator

Network administrators are needed throughout the technology world. Expect to earn an average annual salary of around $73,000 for this job role. If you boast a significant amount of experience – more than 10 years – the pay rate increases to $79,000.

However, Cloud experience provides more lucrative opportunities. Cloud engineers command an average salary of $118,000. Hopefully, this difference provides inspiration to earn a Cloud certification or two.

Project Manager is a Lucrative Career Option

The average annual salary for project managers is $86,000. Expect those earnings to increase to $90,000 with ten years of experience. Of course, larger enterprises pay project managers significantly higher, so work with your recruiter to find the right opportunity for you.

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