Maximizing Your Strengths 2020
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Of course, strong technical abilities play a key role in any successful IT career. However, you might possess other soft skills, like leadership and an exemplary ability to communicate. In fact, these are also in great demand in the modern technology world.

Ultimately, you need to play to your strengths to give your career a boost. With success in mind, let’s look closely at how to highlight a well-rounded nature when looking for a new position. Thankfully, this advice also applies if you simply want a promotion. That corner office will soon be yours!

Maximize How You Utilize Your Strengths with These Career Tips

1. Accurately Determining Your Strengths

It helps to get feedback from your managers and coworkers to truly determine your best strengths. Schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss the topic. They’ll likely want to help since this effort is part of your career development. Additionally, use any feedback you received during a review for the same purpose.

Remember, a coworker might provide different insights than your boss. Also reach out to anyone in your professional network with whom you previously worked. More feedback provides you with a more accurate reading of your strengths.

2. Match The Feedback with Your Own Opinions

After you receive enough feedback on what others think about your strengths, perform some analysis. Do they match your own views? Did many of the respondents agree with each other?

3. Write a Document That Summarizes Your Professional Strengths

Use this information and craft a document that simply highlights your strengths. For each strength, author a one-line action statement suitable for a résumé. As an example, consider that everyone commented on how well you work with others. Putting “thrives in a collaborative environment” on a résumé definitely makes you attractive to companies using DevOps as a methodology.

Take things further by writing a few paragraphs on what makes you tick as a technology professional. Make it a point to read over this document when preparing for an interview or an annual review. This additional inspiration helps you give a great performance when it matters.

Additionally, if you personalize each résumé you send for a specific position, use the info from this document. Once again, expect to attract more eyes from hiring managers when your strengths match what the company in question needs.

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