Leadership Skills for Tech Managers
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A competitive and changing business landscape requires companies to employ a talented managerial team. Technology managers must possess a mix of technical, business, and soft skills to lead teams effectively.

It’s the easiest way to keep employee morale, productivity, and profitability at their highest.

With an eye towards improving your IT managers’ skill set, here are five abilities they need in their toolbox. Keep these skills in mind when hiring new managerial talent, or when developing new leaders from within. After all, great leadership remains a key part of any successful organization.

5 Leadership Tips For Managers

1. Managers Must Show Integrity

Integrity remains a critical attribute for any tech manager to possess. Anything less and they begin to lack the credibility necessary to lead intelligent IT professionals. The best managers always put the needs of their company and its employees over their own. Remember, when promoting leadership from within, keep this trait in mind.

2. Being Able to Focus on Inclusion

The technology world continues to become more diverse. Successful managers understand this fact, and thus ensure all their direct reports truly feel part of the team. This same concept applies when dealing with clients or internal business stakeholders. Additionally, considering other points of view when making a decision is also important.

3. A Hands-Off Managerial Style is Needed For The Modern Tech Professional

A good leader knows not to micro-manage their direct reports. In fact, the modern IT professional boasts a streak of independence that warrants this hands-off approach. Managers need to empower their workers for success. Let them experiment, be creative, make mistakes, and ultimately succeed.

4. Provide Independence But Remain Involved

At the same time as giving a team the independence they need for success, managers must stay involved at a high-level. Walking a fine line in this fashion remains a differentiator between great and mediocre IT leaders. In the end, ensuring projects get completed successfully need not require a heavy-handed approach.

5. Inspires and Influences Their Direct Reports

The best tech leaders boast the ability to inspire everyone on their team. This innate skill also separates the top IT managers from the rest of the pack. Once again, when promoting from within, keep an eye on employees who are influential within the office. The next great technology executive just might be this person.

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